morse2txt - Morse code decoder for Linux

  • Supports OSS audio devices
  • Multi-threaded
  • Adapts to Morse speed
  • Decodes Morse to 20dB S/N

Morse2txt is a GTK+/Gnome based client that decodes Morse code into text from audio that is received from a soundcard.

Morse2txt measures the presence of tones in small increments of time. To accomplish this task:

1) Collects audio data from the soundcard.
2) Scales audio data.
3) Filters audio data with FIR window filter.
4) Audio data is divided into packets.
5) A discrete time window is applied to each audio packet.
6) FFT's are performed on each audio packet.
7) An array of packet amplitudes is created from the selected frequency.
8) The array of packet amplitudes is de-glithed.
9) The duration of tones (dits or dahs) is then measured.
10) Decoded text is displayed.