audio_loopback.h File Reference

#include <stdint.h>
#include "audio.h"

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int32_t audio_loopback_start (te_audio_device_types device_type, const char *device_name, uint32_t segment_size, int32_t sample_frequency)
int32_t audio_loopback_stop (void)
void audio_loopback_feed (const double *src)

Function Documentation

void audio_loopback_feed ( const double *  src  ) 

Used to copy audio data (sound) to the loopback device

src Pointer to the source audio data (usually filtered).

Definition at line 121 of file audio_loopback.c.

References AUDIO_BUFFER_SEGMENTS, audio_loopback_ts::audio_data, BUFFER_SEGMENT_1, audio_loopback_ts::dst_samples, and write_segment_cond.

int32_t audio_loopback_start ( te_audio_device_types  device_type,
const char *  device_name,
uint32_t  segment_size,
int32_t  sample_frequency 

Starts the audio loopback device.

device_type Audio device type
device_name Audio device name
segment_size Number of samples per segment
sample_frequency Sample frequency in Hertz
If successful 0, else non-zero.
Need to test for full-duplex audio device capability before actually starting.

Definition at line 82 of file audio_loopback.c.

References AUDIO_BUFFER_SEGMENTS, audio_create(), audio_loopback_ts::audio_data, audio_loopback_ts::audio_device, AUDIO_DEVICE_PLAY, audio_device_samples_get(), audio_init(), audio_loopback_convert_thr(), AUDIO_LOOPBACK_RUN, audio_loopback_thr(), audio_open(), audio_loopback_ts::convert_id, audio_loopback_ts::dst_samples, loopback_trigger, audio_loopback_ts::play_id, audio_loopback_ts::run, and audio_loopback_ts::src_samples.

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int32_t audio_loopback_stop ( void   ) 

Stop and frees the audio loopback device

Definition at line 110 of file audio_loopback.c.

References audio_loopback_ts::audio_data, audio_destroy(), audio_loopback_ts::audio_device, AUDIO_LOOPBACK_STOP, audio_loopback_ts::convert_id, audio_loopback_ts::play_id, and audio_loopback_ts::run.

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