ts_audio_api Struct Reference

#include <audio.h>

Data Fields

char * audio_device_type_name
int32_t(* open )(p_audio_pub device)
int32_t(* init )(p_audio_pub device)
int32_t(* close )(p_audio_pub device)
void(* play )(p_audio_pub device, te_audio_segments buffer_segment)
void(* record )(p_audio_pub device, te_audio_segments buffer_segment)

Detailed Description

Audio API that morse2txt will use to control OSS or ALSA audio devices.

Definition at line 96 of file audio.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 97 of file audio.h.

Referenced by audio_device_type_name_get().

int32_t(* ts_audio_api::open)(p_audio_pub device)

Referenced by audio_open().

int32_t(* ts_audio_api::init)(p_audio_pub device)

Referenced by audio_init(), and audio_open().

int32_t(* ts_audio_api::close)(p_audio_pub device)

Referenced by audio_close().

void(* ts_audio_api::play)(p_audio_pub device, te_audio_segments buffer_segment)

Referenced by audio_play().

void(* ts_audio_api::record)(p_audio_pub device, te_audio_segments buffer_segment)

Referenced by audio_capture().

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