ts_audio_device Struct Reference

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Data Fields

pthread_cond_t segment_cond_t [AUDIO_BUFFER_SEGMENTS]
pthread_mutex_t segment_mutex_t [AUDIO_BUFFER_SEGMENTS]
ts_audio_pub audio_pub
p_audio_api audio_api

Detailed Description

Structure of audio device
See also:

Definition at line 33 of file audio.c.

Field Documentation

pthread_cond_t ts_audio_device::segment_cond_t[AUDIO_BUFFER_SEGMENTS]

Definition at line 34 of file audio.c.

Referenced by audio_capture(), audio_capture_wait(), and audio_create().

pthread_mutex_t ts_audio_device::segment_mutex_t[AUDIO_BUFFER_SEGMENTS]

Definition at line 35 of file audio.c.

Referenced by audio_capture_wait(), audio_create(), and audio_raw2double().

Functions for talking to device driver layer (abstracts out ALSA/OSS/...).

Definition at line 39 of file audio.c.

Referenced by audio_capture(), audio_close(), audio_create(), audio_init(), audio_open(), and audio_play().

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